Saturday, March 5, 2011

Very busy weekend.....

Hello to all!  It has been a very busy weekend thus far.  We are in the process of painting our living room and dining area.  A fresh coat of paint goes a looooonnnnnngggg way!  Since moving to where we live, we have been "okay" with the drab off-white color.  But after a few years, it grows on you, but in a blah way.  My brother-in-law came this week and started the ball rolling.  We painted the living room a very pretty pastel baby blue that changes colors.  By that I mean that during the day it looks one way, in the afternoon another way and in the evening another.  Strange, but good.  We painted the dining area a brown that looks like chocolate milk.  It compliments the blue so nicely.  Over all its coming along great. 
I am not posting any new creations today because, as you guessed it, I'm beat.  LOL!  But I promise that I will post new creations either tomorrow or Monday. 
Thanks to all that are a fan to my page and I look forward in sharing more in the next few days! 
Good night!!

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