Friday, January 7, 2011

NFL and MLB Charm Set for the whole family

I will doing custom made NFL (32 teams) and MLB (16 teams) jewelry sets: 

  1. FOR MEN or BOYS: Cuff links with matching leather necklace 

  2. FOR WOMEN or GIRLS: Earrings with matching necklace

  3. FOR YOUR PET: Pet collar for your family pet....why should your pet be left out?

I posted  pictures of the charms on my FB page that I will use to create your customized sets and here's the link that will get you there--->, NFL and MLB CharmsI started taking orders already.... Stop by and see if your favorite team is listed... Woo Hoo!!

Plus, Kata and I made some new earrings last weekend which I have photographed, put will be editing tonight and will be posting  on FB and my Etsy shop... can't wait to post them... I like how they came out and I know you will too!

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