Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year and New Ideas!!!

Yesterday I was busy updating my logo and adding new pieces to my Etsy shop.  I was a busy bee...

I was making a wonderful collection of Geodes earrings... what are geodes? 
Geodes (Greek γεώδης - ge-ōdēs, "earthlike") are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks.These dazzling Geodes earring are beautiful and its color is so unique. No two pieces are the same.  I was so excited to work with these beautiful stones and will continue to do so.

I also had some fun chatting with my crafter friends on face book.  I laughed so much last night that after being sick all week I really needed it.

Today I'm going to post new items that were used in the "Once Upon A Time" comment game on my FB page and Etsy page.  Its going to be a busy day, but a productive one.

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Talk to you soon!

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