Monday, December 5, 2011

Coupons are my new best friends

Hello to all!  I have been busy with working, family time, business time, etc that I have not been too constant w/ my blog.... :(

I have discovered that using coupons have been a great asset for my family.  I go to this wonderful site and print out many needed coupons that I use at my local supermarket. is a great site that I go too.  I wanted to share the link w/ you so that way you can all start saving too.  Even if your local supermarket does not double its coupons, you will still the savings if you sit down and calculate you costs.  I sit down and browse through the local supermarket ad w/ the coupons I have on hand.  Many times I have been able to score FREE items and cut my shopping bill by 75% to 90%! 

Just click on this link, and start saving!!!
(You can also click on the link that is found on the upper right hand side here on my blog....)

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